you make me write love poems// poetry tag

Hello everybody!! Today I am debuting a tag that I made with Rhiana!  Its a collab and a really fun tag! We created this tag as we both love reading and writing poetry. Let’s get into those rules!

the rules for this tag:

+ nominate 5  people and anyone who writes poetry

+ include a link to both my and Rhiana’s blog and the person who nominated you

+ give 3 words for question 3 (all will be revealed!)

+ use a poem quote, (yours or another’s) as your title

+ and lastly, include this poetry tag image somewhere in the post!

the six questions (and my answers!)

When did you start writing poetry?

Probably about the start of last year. I would kinda just write things on my hands that rhymed.

What kind of poetry do you write?

Mostly slam and free verse, but sometimes other kinds, but only when our teachers make us. Ugh.

I and my friends also do this thing called a slam off. We choose a topic and we have 3 minutes to write about it, then we perform it to everyone else. It’s not a competition, but its really fun.

Write a poem using the three words your nominator gave you…

We chose “falling/time/empty” as our three words. #creatorperks!! Heres my poem:

I can’t fall/there’s no time/to be normal/ I feel empty/can’t fail/can’t back out/no one understands/me

By the way, this is not true. This is just really, strangely, poetic!

Share a poem you’ve written THAT ISN’T the one above…

an idea sparks                                                                                                             a pen dances over paper                                                                                              a wish in writing


Give 2-3 poem recommendations…

Beautiful Mess by Claire Christian. It’s actually a novel, but it a lot of great poems inside.

Share the poem the title came from…

“you make me write love poems” is from a love poem in BM. It’s really sweet.

As instructed, I nominate anyone who likes poetry.  Your three words are…



My five nominations are:

liz @ home with the hummingbirds

abbi @ the lanterns in the sky

christina @ christina and camera

natalie @ taking the cake

ariana @ ariana’s flying life

Thank you for reading! Goodbye!

xxoo Lilah




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